Resource Recovery Programs

Medical Sharps/Unused Pharmaceutical Disposal

Residents can utilize local participating pharmacies (PDF) to obtain secure, mail-back Sharps containers. For unused pharmaceutical disposal in your area. State of Michigan Link

Mercury Thermometer Exchange Program

Nearly fifteen years ago, the Department started collecting mercury thermometers from Eaton County residents. In return for bringing in mercury thermometers, each participant receives a digital thermometer, free of charge.

Please bring your Mercury Thermometer to the Eaton County Resource Recovery Department.

Cooking Oil Recovery Program

In 2007, the Department of Resource Recovery asked Eaton County Recycling Centers to act as drop-off point for the collection of cooking oil. Yes, cooking oil. This substance is very bad for drains and septic systems and wastewater treatment plants are not adequately equipped to handle the material. If left in trash, it can attract unwanted pests. Eaton County residents the opportunity to pour off their cooking oil at various locations (PDF).