Precinct Delegates

Elected every 2 years; the next election of Delegates is August 2020

When available the lists of Delegate candidates on the ballot will be posted on the Current Year Elections page, after the election the vote totals will be on the Election Results page, and the list of elected delegates will be posted below once certified.


What is a Precinct Delegate?

Information from the Secretary of State


Complete and file one of the following forms with the appropriate Clerk (based on filing deadline), in-person or by mail.

Precinct Delegate Affidavit of Identity

(Candidate Name printed on Ballot)

Filed with County Clerk’s office

Filing Deadline:
4 PM May 8, 2018

Write-In Candidate—Precinct Delegate Declaration of Intent


Filed with Clerk of the precinct (city or township) if filing after the ballot deadline

Filing Deadline:

4 PM August 3, 2018

If both deadlines have passed, write-in candidates may file a Declaration of Intent with the appropriate precinct board on the day of the August primary anytime prior to the close of the polls.


Finding your Precinct

MCL 168.624 excerpt
A candidate for delegate to the county or district conventions of a political party shall be a qualified and registered elector residing within, as well as having his or her actual bona fide residence within, the election precinct for which he or she desires to become a candidate on the filing deadline.

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Enter your information and then click the search button.
On the following page click the:  [+] My Voting District Information


Previously Elected Precinct Delegates

2018 Republican Delegates
2018 Democratic Delegates
2018 Libertarian Delegates

2016 Republican Delegates
2016 Democratic Delegates

2014 Republican Delegates
2014 Democratic Delegates

2012 Republican Delegates
2012 Democratic Delegates

2010 Republican County Delegates
2010 Democratic County Delegates

2008 Republican County Delegates
2008 Democratic County Delegates

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