District Court SOM Approved Forms




The following forms are approved by the Michigan Supreme Court through the State Court Administrator's Office


You must have ADOBE ACROBAT READER 10.0 or higher installed to view these forms. You can download a free copy of this to your computer by clicking HERE.


These forms can be filled-in online; however, there is not an ability to save these forms to your computer unless you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat.

You may wish to fill-out the forms online and then print them off, or in the alternative, you may print the blank forms and fill them in by hand.


You are required to provide the total number of copies of a document or form for use by the court, the parties, and any other entity that is required to receive the form.

Each form lists the mandatory number of copies in the upper-right hand corner. Please refer to this when printing off your copies.

It is recommended that when completing a form online, you print the number of copies you will need for filing with the court and serving on the parties. Otherwise, you will have to photocopy the proper number of copies before filing the form with the court.

If you do not provide the court with the accurate number of copies, the court might reject the form for nonconformance under the authority of Michigan Court Rule 8.119(C). Unless specifically required by court rule or statute, the court is not responsible for making copies of forms for you.

Costs for copies are $1 per page.

Click to download Michigan Court approved GENERAL CIVIL FORMS

Click to download Michigan Court approved SMALL CLAIM FORMS

Click to download Michigan Court approved GARNISHMENT FORMS

Click to download Michigan Court approved LAND CONTRACT FORFEITURE FORMS

Click to download Michgian Court approved LANDLORD/TENANT

Click to download Michigan Court approved CLAIM & DELIVERY FORMS

Click to download Michigan Court approved PRETRIAL FORM

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