District Court Traffic FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Where is the court located?

1045 Independence Blvd., Charlotte, MI 48813

The 56A District Court is located on the first floor of the Eaton County Courthouse. 

How much is my ticket?

Fines & Points Chart

How can I pay my ticket?

Traffic Payments Page

How can I make payments?

Traffic Payments Page

When does the court close for payments?

4:45 PM Monday through Friday. (A drop box is available until 5:00 PM.)

Can I write a check?

Yes, unless your license has been suspended.  Checks should be made payble to 56A District Court.  Please include your ticket or case number on the check.

What is the Mailing Address?

56A District Court
Traffic Division
1045 Independence Blvd.
Charlotte, MI 48813

Can I pay the court online?

Yes. See Traffic Payments Page.

Can I pay the court by phone?

Yes. See Traffic Payments Page.

Can I make partial payments to the court?

Yes. See Traffic Payments Page.

How many points are on this violation?

Fines & Points Chart

How many days do I have to contact the court about my ticket?

Usually 10 to 14 days.

The court tells me they don't have the ticket yet what do I do?

Re-contact the court every two to three days until you are advised the court does have your traffic violation.

When can I see the Judge or Magistrate?

Court Hours Page

What time are walk in arraignments?

Arraignment Hours Page

How do I get a court appointed attorney?

You may request a court appointed attorney after your arraignment and usually at your first Pre Trial Conference. The Judge or Magistrate will explain your options at your arraignment.

Why do I have a warrant and how do I take care of the warrant?

A warrant was issued because you failed to contact or come into court. You will need to appear at the court during business hours along with a photo identification. A warrant for failing to pay may be recalled upon payment made by e-mail, phone, in person or by mail. A warrant for failing to appear requires a personal appearance.

Why did the officer tell me the ticket was waivable?

Waivable or Dismissible Traffic Violations

I got a Default notice from the court. What does that mean?

You failed to contact the court in the appropriate time period after you received a traffic violation. If you wish to dispute this ticked you will need to post a bond in cash or by money order within 14 days of the default date.

I got a Show Cause notice from the court. What do I do?

You need to appear in court to explain why you haven't paid your fines or costs. If you pay the fines and costs in full the hearing is removed off the docket and you do not need to appear. Please contact the court for a current balance.

Why do I need to appear at the court?

Some hearings require you be personally present.

When are Jail arraignments?

Jail arraignments are held at the discretion of the court. There is no specific time. They are held throughout the day.

How long does it take for a credit card transaction to post?

The court is aware of your payment almost immediately, but it may take 48 to 72 hours to process.

How much do I owe for a balance on my account?

Please contact the court.

When is my next court date?

Please contact the court.

Can I get something removed from my criminal Record?

State law has specific requirements as to how and when anything can be removed from a criminal
You may only have one prior conviction (misdemeanor or felony), though certain types of crimes are
prohibited such as traffic offenses, Criminal Sexual Conduct, felony offenses where life imprisonment
is the possible penalty, etc. It must be at least 5 years since the date of your conviction/sentencing.
The process takes approximately 3 to 4 months from the application date to the hearing before the Judge.
You may hire an attorney or handle the application yourself.
Please refer to the Michigan State Police website for further information on the application to Set Aside or Expungement of criminal history records.

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