District Court Traffic Payments

Payments of Fines and Cost


The following methods of payments are acceptable at the 56th District Court.

1.  In person at the courthouse Monday - Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

2.  By Mail with check or money order (please include ticket or case number) sent to:

56th District Court

Attn: Traffic Fines

1045 Independence Blvd

Charlotte, MI 48813 

3.  Online through A fee is added for using this service.

4.  By telephone at GovPayNow at 1-(888) 604-7888. You will need pay location code number PLC 6701 to use this GovPayNow service.  A fee is added for using this service


Request for Payment Plan


1.  A minimum payment of ½ the balance due is required within the 30 days of the due date provided by the court or at the informal or formal hearing. If you make this payment the court will grant you an additional 30 to pay the balance due.

2.  You must contact the 56th District Court in writing, Email or Fax to request additional time beyond the above listed terms to pay.  DO NOT CALL BY PHONE. Your letter should indicate your desire for additional time and the time period which you expect to pay the balance due. If granted you will have an additional 30 days to comply with the judgment. Additional time will require another letter to the court. It will be the courts discretion to grant any additional time without incurring any penalties.

3.  If the aforementioned conditions are not in compliance, additional court costs and fees may be accessed to your original judgment amount.

4.  Failure to comply with the above payment conditions MAY result in your driver’s license being suspended and the additional expense of driver reinstatement fees being assessed to your judgment balance.

5.  Failure to make payments as directed above MAY result in a show cause hearing to be scheduled. This scheduled hearing will include additional court costs.

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