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Great Plains No-Till Drill   *Great Plains Drill is undergoing maintenance.   

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  • Rental $12/acre
  • 12' with grass seeder
  • Need 90 hp tractor and external hydraulic system
  • Seeds grasses, legumes, small grains and soybeans


Tree Planters (3 available)

  • Rent for $50/day
  • Require a minimum of 25 hp tractor treeplanter
  • 3 point hitch
  • Planter is on own trailer, can be hauled with a pick-up
  • Can plant from 500-800 trees per hour


Pheasants Forever No-till Drill

  • Rents for $12/acre
  • 8' Truax drill, 12 coulters
  • Need 50 hp tractor with external hydraulic system
  • Used to plant Native grass plantings
Please contact the Eaton Conservation District office at (517) 543-5848 x 5 to schedule.



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