Day Treatment Program

Mission Statement


The Eaton County Day Treatment Program creates a culture of caring by building on strengths, believing in people can change, and creating an encouraging a positive environment for academic and personal growth. This is achieved in part by modeling respect, cooperation, dependability, and honesty. By participating in the Day Treatment Program, Students will be supported in their efforts toward positive character development by:

Enhancing decision-making and problem-solving skills
Increasing positive participation in the community
Developing coping and emotion-management skills
Buliding healthy self-esteem
Strengthening family relations and improving family cohesion
Developing and maintaining positive relationships

Day Treatment Program components are:


1. In-House Program


Individual Therapy
Group Therapy
Academics and Life Skills

2. Family Program


Parent/ Family Orientation
Family Therapy
Parent Education Groups as needed

3. Aftercare Program


Re-Integrate Student into the Community/ School setting
Therapy as needed


Student Handbook

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