Heritage Award

Eaton County Heritage Award

January 23, 2013                           

Contact: Julie Kimmer  517-543-6999


Commission Seeks Nominees

For County History Awards

The Eaton County Historical Commission is looking for individuals, groups and organizations who have made worthwhile contributions to the county’s historical heritage.

Up to three of them will receive the commission’s Heritage Award, given annually by the commission for significant work in the preservation, restoration or public awareness of the county’s rich historical heritage.

Representatives of the commission and county historical organizations select winners of the award, which are typically made during the Heritage Conference co-hosted by the Eaton County Historical Commission each fall.

Nomination forms may be obtained from the Courthouse Square Association at the 1885 Eaton County Courthouse in downtown Charlotte, (Phone 517-543-6999) or at The deadline for nominations is April 15.


Click here to obtain the Heritage Award Form



The Mission of the Eaton County Historical Commission is to foster public awareness of the county’s rich and varied historical heritage, to encourage organizations and individuals who work to restore and preserve its historic sites, structures and artifacts and to document and display them for the education and enjoyment of all its citizens.


Who makes the selection? -- The commission makes the selection based on the recommendation of a five-member committee. The committee is made up of three commission members and one representative each from two organizations in the county whose main purpose relates to our historical heritage.

How many awards are given? -- As many as three awards may be made in any one year. They are attractively framed metal certificates presented each May at a ceremony during or near Michigan Week.

How is an entry submitted? -- Nomination forms are available throughout the year in the offices of the Courthouse Square Association in the 1885 county courthouse in downtown Charlotte.





Paul Dave Arnold - Lansing

Forest Allen Gardner - Vermontville


Bernard Geyer - Bellevue

Potterville Public Library - Potterville


Sherry Copenhaver - ECGS

Roger Millbrook - Grand Ledge


Jim Zemke-Vermontville

Sunfield Historical Society


Joyce L. Miller-Bellevue

Eaton Rapids Area Historical Society

John Hall-Delta Township

Tom Shawver-Lansing


Wendel Peabody-Sunfield

Betty & Harlan McDowell-Grand Ledge

Tom Shawver-Lansing

John Hall-Dimondale


Neil & Helen Holihan-Grand Ledge

Bismark Community Boosters-Bismark


Cathie Falk-Charlotte

Marilyn Smith-Grand Ledge


Olivet College-Olivet

Marian Trombley-Watson Country School


Lorabeth Fitzgerald-Grand Ledge

Jean Kline-Eaton Rapids


Shirley Hodges-Charlotte

Maple Syrup Festival-Vermontville


James Woodruff-Delta Township

Tent #30-Sunfield

(Daughters of Union Veterans of Civil War)


Courthouse Square Association-Charlotte

Gladys Hummel-Susan Hinckley-Kalamo Twp.


Museum of Grand Ledge-Grand Ledge

Jack Rathburn-Vermontville


Thelma Caruss-Dimondale

Leila Klaiss-Charlotte


Curtenius Guard Camp #17-Sunfield

Suzanne Schramski-Grand Ledge

Vermontville Historical Society


Grand Ledge Opera House-Grand Ledge

Gaylord Edgerly-Charlotte


Elizabeth Rogers Kellogg-Dimondale

Grand Ledge Historical Society

Vermontville Historical Society










Grant Program

Eaton County Historical Commission

Historical Grant Program


The Eaton County Historical Commission will be awarding grant monies to individuals or organizations that show or communicate historical elements through film, oral records or printed material to the citizens of Eaton County and beyond. Consideration will also be given to the restoration and preservation of historical sites, structures and artifacts of Eaton County. Awards will be given to the projects with greater long term historic value and those that most benefit the community.



The purpose of this program is to award public funds, budgeted by the Eaton County Historical Commission, to citizens and organizations within Eaton County to promote, restore or preserve the heritage of Eaton County, Michigan.



Any citizen or group of citizens from Eaton County, Michigan, and non-profit organizations registered to operate within Eaton County, Michigan, may apply for a grant from the Eaton County Historical Commission.



The commission will award up to $3,000 in 2013, with individual grants not to exceed $1,000. Awards can only be made during and for the current fiscal year; they can not be made for past or future years. Grants must be used to complete the proposed project within one year. If the proposed project can not be completed during that time period, an extension may be awarded with a written request from the applicant. If the grant award does not cover the total cost of the proposed project, applicants must raise the needed funds prior to any cash award from the commission. A follow up report must be given to the commission outlining the completed project. If the commissions funded portion of the project is unable to be completed in one year, the recipient must apply for an extension or return the original grant allocation.



Application Deadline- The deadline for submitting grant applications is April 15. Each grant applicant must submit a completed, original, signed copy of the application to the Eaton County Historical Commission by the deadline to be considered for the current fiscal year. Grant applications not approved and those not received by the deadline must be resubmitted if they wish to be considered the following year. All submitted material will become the property of the Eaton County Historical Commission and will not be returned.


Review Period- A grant program subcommittee, consisting of at least two members of the Historical Commission, will be appointed during March meeting of the Historical Commission. The subcommittee will review all applications and submit recommendations to the commission at the May meeting.


Approval Meeting- The Grant Program subcommittee will give their recommendations during the May commission meeting. Each application will be individually discussed and voted on. Approval for a grant will be determined by a majority vote of the commission members present. If a quorum can not be established at the May meeting, the vote will be rescheduled for the next regular scheduled meeting.


 Click Here to obtain the Grant Application




Eaton County Genealogical Society

Bellevue Historical Society

SUVCW Curtenius Guard Camp 17


Grand Ledge Historical Society

Bellevue Historical Society


Eaton Rapids Historical Society

Vermontville Historical Society


Friends of the Sunfield District Library

Vermontville Historical Society

Bismark Community Boosters

Grand Ledge Area Historical Society

Eaton County's Museum at Courthouse Square

Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War, Curtenious Guard Camp #17


For more information contact the
Eaton County Historical Commission
PO Box 411
Charlotte, Michigan 48813.



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