Homeowner Rehabilitation Program

Housing Rehabilitation Program

This program offers up to $25,000 in assistance to repair and improve program participant’s home. A deferred mortgage is recorded against the property for the amount invested into the home.

In order to qualify for Housing Programs the applicant:

1. Must own and live in a home in Eaton County outside the City of Lansing.

2. The household must meet federal guidelines for low to moderate income.

3. Must make an appointment with Housing Department to submit a completed application.

Examples of work included in the program

· Roofs

· Windows

· Septic systems

· Heating

· Foundations· Accessibility

Roof and Chimney

Additional Guidelines for the program

1. Must be up to date on mortgage payments.

2. Property taxes must be paid to date and you must be living in the home.

3. Homeowner’s insurance must be current and continuous on home until mortgage is paid in full.

4. The repairs must address lead based paint hazards, improve the healthy & safety & energy efficiency of the home.

5. Any required match money must be supplied at the time of the mortgage closing.







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