Paying Felony Fines

Circuit Court Fines and Fees

Upon sentencing defendants in felony cases are usually ordered by the court to pay fines and fees.  In Eaton County these are paid at the County Clerk’s Office.


Public Circuit Court cases can be searched online at:

You can find the Case ID (docket number) and balance due.


How to pay

  • Online: Eaton County Online Payments – Felony
    • Please enter defendant name, docket number is not required but is helpful
      Payments will be processed during regular business hours
      There is a $4 processing fee for each online payment
  • In-person
    8 am – 4:30 pm M–F Charlotte Court House 1st floor
    Certain Fridays 9am – 1pm Delta Twp basement level
    • Cash
    • Money Order or Certified Check only   We CANNOT accept personal checks
    • Debit or Credit Card (processing fee applies)
      percentage fee for credit starts at $2.50 and goes up based on the amount paid
      $2.50 fee for debit
  • By Mail to: Eaton County Clerk
                    1045 Independence Blvd
                    Charlotte MI 48813
    • Money Order or Certified Check only   We CANNOT accept personal checks
    • Please provide defendant name and/or docket number


Supervision Fees

If the defendant is/was on probation or parole there may also be supervision fees ordered to be paid.  Those are paid to MI Department of Corrections.

You may pay them online at:
Or your probation/parole officer might provide addressed envelopes for mailing payments.


Contact information

517-543-2478  Eaton County Clerk’s Office

517-543-4362  Eaton County Circuit Probation Office

517-543-4335  Eaton County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office


Additional Resources

Misdemeanor and Traffic fines are paid to District Court

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