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Charlotte Wellhead Protection Program


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High quality drinking water is an issue that we, the water users of the City of Charlotte Area, take for granted.  In order to preserve the water quality in the future, the City, in conjunction with Eaton Township, has undertaken a program to identify and protect the source of our drinking water.

Groundwater is pumped from 3 wells located within City limits to provide the drinking water distributed through the City's distribution system.  An underground sand and gravel formation called an aquifer holds the water like a very large sponge.  Water enters the aquifer by moving downward through the overlying soil.

Through a program administered by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, called the Wellhead Protection Plan Program, the city identified the location where water enters the aquifer.  This area, consisting of portions of the City of Charlotte and Eaton Township, primarily follows the Battle Creek River upstream from Cochran Street. 

Contamination is much easier to prevent than it is to correct after it occures.

Because the wells are in the same general location, it is important that the aquifer not become contaminated or polluted.  Contamination can occur in many forms so it is important that every citizen be alert to potential problem causing agents. Once contamination occurs the water can become unfit to drink.

Your Participation is Essential

The Wellhead Protection Plan has identified twenty potential contamination sources within the Welhead Protection Area. The cooperation of every business and residential landowner in the WHPA is essential to preserve the existing quality of the water.  Potential problems range from large scale fuel spills to individual residents dumping petroleum products on the ground.

Charlotte Wellhead Protection Team


  • Eaton Conservation District
    • Wellhead Projects
  • Annual River Conservation DayConstructed riffle in place of dam
  • Education/Outreach at community events
  • Informational brochure rack at Charlotte Library
  • Work with Charlotte Middle School to develop educational placemat for use in community
  • Bennett Park dam removal/River restoration
  • Wellhead signage placed at wellhead boundaries
  • Participate in Children's Water Festival, sponsor local school children to attend event
  • Presentations at Rotary Club, Fire Department, etc
  • Close Abandoned wells
  • Cooperation with Health Department Time of Sale or Transfer Program (TOST)
  • Partner with Home*A*Syst program to work with landowners one-on-one to address groundwater risks.
  • and many more to come!

 There are many ways you can make changes to protect our water quality.  Please check out to learn more about changes you can make at your home. 

For any questions, please call the City Department of Public Works Office at 543-8858

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