At the ECD there are a variety of volunteer opportunities available. No matter your interests or abilities − if you care about our soil and water quality we can use your help!

Below is a list of areas in which volunteers could be of assistance. If any of these appeal to you, or if you have another idea of how you can help out, the first step to becoming a volunteer is to contact Andrea Stay at our office at (phone: 517/543-5848, ext. 5) .

Volunteering at the Eaton Conservation District is a great way to help your community and your earth. We’re always looking for more people!

Volunteer Opportunities bugs

  • Clerical/Bookkeeping/Office Activities
  • Educational Activities
  • Field Work
  • Grant writing
  • Newsletter
  • Photography
  • Public Relations/Marketing/Advertising
  • Research
  • Tree and Native Plant Sale Program
  • Water Quality Monitoring
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