What is GIS?
Geographic Information Systems. An organized collection of computer hardware, software, geopraphic data, and personnel designed to effciently update, store, capture, manipulate, analyze, and display all forms of geographically referenced information.


Can I download the GIS data for my own use?
Yes! Eaton County has made a collection of out GIS download free to download from the ECGIS Open Data Portal.  To access the portal, click here.

To see what's available, visit the portal or view the Digital Data Acquisition Master Fee Structure.


Are printable maps available?
See the Maps Page. Click here.


What if I would like to have a custom map created and printed?
See the Digital Data Acquisition Master Fee Structure for pricing. Click here.

Contact us if you have questions at gis@eatoncounty.org.


How do I view tax and assessing information?
See Property Records/Tax Assessments. Click here.


Where can I obtain an Eaton County Plat Book?
Printed plat books can be obtained at the following locations. $20 for members, $25 for non-members

Eaton County Farm Bureau
430 State St
Charlotte, MI 48813
Greenstone Farm Credit
722 W Lawrence Ave
Charlotte, MI 48813
Alternatively, the daily updated Parcel Viewer Map Application also contains an interactive plat map layer.


Where is the Information Systems Department GIS Division located?
The department is housed in the Central Dispatch & Information Systems Building located at 911 Courthouse Dr.
For directions, click here.