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  Geospatial Data

ECGIS makes our popular geospatial data viewable for free via many interactive web mapping applications at

Alternatively, for those that wish to work directly with our data, we offer a collection of our geospatial data free to download using our GIS Open Data Portal.

For those geospatial datasets not available in the GIS Open Data Portal, the county provides a fee schedule for as determined by the Eaton County Board of Commissioners.  The prices are shown below.

While our geodata represents our best efforts, methods, technology, and source data, it may contain errors,  As a result, these datasets should not be used to make legal or engineering decisions that require accuracies not appropriate to the final fit and finish of the geodata.


Aerial Imagery

Our current four-band aerial imagery, flown in spring of 2015, is available as MrSID format image files (SID) or four-band GeoTiff format. Older aerials from 2010 and 2005 are also available.

2015 Price per section - $21
2010 Price per section - Available for free download from the USGS National Map Download application.
2005 Price per section - $19


Other GIS Data

All ofther Digital data requests will be quoted at the hourly rate of $45 per hour.  Please contact us for more information.





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