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Sheriff Tom Reich
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Corrections Division

Eaton County Jail


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The Eaton County Jail has a housing capacity of 374 inmates and is currently staffed by a Captain, a Lieutenant, 7 Corrections Sergeants, 35 Corrections Deputies, and 3 full-time Clerical Support Staff Members. Our Jail Health services is staffed by 2 Registered Nurses, 2 full-time and 1 part-time EMT and one clerical staff member. Our Food Service is staffed by 5 full-time and one part-time staff member. We also provide the Courts with two Court Security Deputies and one Corrections Deputy who coordinates the Community Corrections Inmate Work Crew Program. Nearly 5,000 individuals are admitted to our facility each year.

In the State of Michigan, an individual is considered an adult at the age of 17 and may be held in jail. Any inmates sentenced to the State of Michigan Prison system start by serving some time in a county jail. Jails like ours, throughout the country hold diverse populations of inmates from pre-trial detainees those serving sentence on misdemeanor and felony charges to those awaiting transport to the Michigan Department of Corrections Prison system. For example, we may have someone serving time for shop-lifting or someone awaiting trial for murder.

Occasionally non-violent inmates at our facility are granted work release by the courts. If Work Release status is granted by a judge the individual is allowed to leave the facility and report directly to work daily returning to the facility after work hours until they have completed the imposed sentence. This program allows them to maintain their present status of employment, so they may return as productive citizens once released from our custody. These individuals are charged a housing fee of $21.00 per day. Money collected from the Work Release program is utilized by Eaton County for the provision of much needed services to our area's residents.

Inmates in our facility have access to order various items through our Inmate Commissary. Those without money during incarceration receive only legally mandated hygiene and communication materials for which they will be billed after release. The Inmate Commissary is operated in cooperation with Canteen services Inc, and is funded by sales the Counties portion of the review generated is set aside to defray some of the cost of inmate service provided for the betterment of the residents such as education programs. Luxuries like candy bars and coffee are not given to inmates; however, they may be purchased by those who have money other items include health and hygiene, writing and recreational items.

Sentenced inmates at the Eaton County Jail are charged a $32.00 per day housing fee. Billed after they are released if they do not make arrangements to settle the debt, collection procedures are implemented. Inmates are responsible for paying for many of the cost incurred during incarceration including doctor, dentist, nurse visits and other related medical charges incurred at our facility. The goal of this medical payment and collection system, within the guidelines of the law, is to reduce the burden to the taxpayers.

Eaton County Jail also rents space to other counties when available. This generates money to the County's general fund; thereby, significantly reducing an additional burden to taxpayers.

Food Services Unit

The Food Services Unit of the Jail is responsible for feeding all inmates in the Eaton County Jail. Providing three meals per day, totaling hundreds of thousands of meals served per year. All special medical diets, such as those for diabetics and food allergies must be prepared properly to meet the needs of these individuals. This Unit is managed by a Dietitian who supervises 4 full-time cooks, 1 part-time cooks, and a number of inmate helpers (called Inmate Workers). By making large purchases and utilizing government surplus food, the Food Services Unit produces an average meal for a very economical $1.20 per meal.

Inmate Educational Unit

The Inmate Educational Unit (Inmate School Program) is run by two part –time teacher’s. One is grant funded through Charlotte Schools and the second is a part-time teacher from Potterville School's Adult Education Program. Advocating the release of productive citizens into society is far more beneficial than releasing those who are incapable of becoming productive citizens.

Jail Health Clinic

The Jail Health Clinic operations are overseen by two full-time Registered Nurses, 2 full-time and one part time EMT and a full-time Clerk. A local doctor provides service at the facility once or twice a week and a local dentist provide services monthly. Psychological services are also provided to inmates by Eaton County Community Mental Health Services. Eaton County Substance Abuse and AA volunteers assist with drug and alcohol counseling for our inmates.

All housed inmates receive a physical examination for medical screening, problems and contagious diseases. Two negative pressure rooms are utilized for suspected tuberculosis cases. H.I.V. counseling and testing is also available.

The Eaton County Jail and Medical Clinic are accredited by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care. Strict standards must be followed in order to maintain this accreditation. Therefore, quality care and operational standards are adhered to at our facility.

Jail Administrator

The Jail Administrator for the Eaton County Jail is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all areas of the Corrections Division. Our facility is a 374 bed facility. All sections of the Jail are included within the command of the Jail Administrator, including Food Services Unit, the Health Care Clinic, and Educational Unit.

The Jail Administrator establishes official guidelines which Corrections Deputies implement through various objectives based on local, state and federal laws. In order to insure that the necessary guidelines are being met, the Jail Administrator must keep informed of and review new laws as they are passed and work to incorporate them into our policies and procedures.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the Eaton County Jail please feel free to contact the Jail Administrator at (517)543-5041.


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