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Sheriff Tom Reich
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Inmate Family Guide


This document has been produced and is provided to you in order to clarify some of the programs and regulations, here at the Eaton County Jail. Inmates in our facility are issued and/or have access to an Inmate Guide and are made aware of the rules and regulations of our facility upon arrival. 



The Jail has adequate sizes of jail clothing; therefore, civilian articles of clothing will not be accepted at our facility, except under the following special circumstances:

JURY TRIAL: One change of clothing may be left at the Jail for a jury trial.

FINAL RELEASE: One change of clothing may be brought to the Jail for an individual being released.

FEMALE INMATES: May have the following items brought into the Jail. However, these articles are limited to no more than two each during their stay:

- 2 white bras (no wires or metal stays)

- 2 pairs of white panties - regular style only


Due to limited storage space, if clothes are brought to the Jail for an inmate who already has clothes, the inmate must sign a release for any clothing here, prior to accepting any other changes of clothes.

These items will only be accepted Monday - Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 4:15 P.M., except on County Holidays, at the Reception Desk in our Lobby. The only exceptions are clothes brought in for jury trials or release, which may be delivered to the Jail Night Entrance after regular business hours.






Eaton County Jail inmates will only be allowed to receive postcards, no bigger than 5 x 7”, from friends and family, etc., thereby reducing the introduction of contraband into the facility, eliminating inmate to inmate correspondence, and eliminating correspondence between co-defendants while incarcerated at the same time. (This is for non-legal mail only)


Postcards are to be a plain white postcard, no bigger than 5 x 7” and have metered postage.


Friends and family wishing to mail money orders to an inmate of the Eaton County Jail must address the envelope as follows:

Eaton County Jail - MO

c/o Inmate’s Name

1025 Independence Blvd

Charlotte, MI  48813


The envelope shall only contain a money order made out in the inmate’s name. No personal checks for inmates will be accepted.

The Eaton County Sheriff’s Office will not be held responsible for cash sent through the mail to inmates.

Inmates will still be allowed to receive subscriptions to magazines and newspapers through the mail.




Properly identified legal mail will be opened in the presence of the inmate to inspect for contraband. Increased monitoring of the mail will result if anything is found other than legal material enclosed in the envelope.


Outgoing mail rules have not changed; please review in the Eaton County Jail Inmate Guide.



All inmates are permitted and encouraged to have regular visits from family and friends.  The inmate is permitted to have three visitors on their Visitor’s List.  Each inmate is authorized to have 30 minutes of visits per week.  All visitors must be at the Jail at the same time.  This is limited to one visitation time per week per inmate.

Visiting times are as follows:

                Monday thru Friday 9:00 A.M. - 10:30 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. - 3:30 P.M.


NOTE:  The first Tuesday of each month, visitation does NOT start until 10:00 A.M. due to church services.

Any requests for changes to Inmate Visitor’s Lists take 7 - 10 business days to process.

Please note: If there are any changes in visitation due to holidays, disciplinary actions, or emergencies at our facility, it is the Inmate’s responsibility to notify family and friends of these changes.



1.  Monday Night Jail Ministry Services are offered from  7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.

2.  Protestant Services are offered the first Tuesday of each month from   9:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M.

3.  Catholic Services are offered one Saturday each month from   9:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M.

4.  Additional Services are offered on the third Wednesday of each month   from 7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.

5.  Jail Chaplain from Forgotten Man Ministries comes in on Mondays  from 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.


Those who have received court orders to attend school will receive priority for this program.  If sufficient space is available, the programs will be open to those who request to attend.

1.  Adult Basic Education - Open to functionally illiterate inmates or special education students.

2.  GED Test Preparation - Open to inmates who are working toward completion of the GED Test.

3.  High School Completion - Open to inmates who have not earned a high school diploma.

School programs are not available for Maximum Classification Inmates.



Any inmate who violates a jail rule(s) and is found guilty of the offense(s) through a hearing, can be placed in a lock-down status (“23 and 1”).  “23 and 1” means that they will spend 23 hours in lock-down and 1 hour out for a shower and phone time.  In addition to this, they may forfeit any or all of their privileges, e.g., church, visitation, recreation, commissary, and/or loss of good time toward release.



Inmates confined to the Eaton County Jail are eligible to receive 1 day of good time for every 6 days of confinement “credit” toward their release date.  However, this time may be forfeited for disciplinary problems.



Inmates have access to telephones located in their respective living areas.  They are reminded that all calls are collect calls only, and as such, consideration should be given to those receiving the calls.  If the phones are abused and calls are made to anyone which are threatening, including calling and harassing witnesses or victims, or violation of telephone company rules, a block is placed on the telephone number and/or phone privileges may be suspended.

Securus provides the Inmate telephone service and can be reached at 1-800-844-6591 for billing or connection problems.



Community Mental Health is available for male/female inmates who are deemed to have a need or those who request help.  Priority is based upon needs, and there is no charge for this service.

Drug abuse counseling may be court ordered or on a voluntary basis. 

Alcohol abuse counseling may be court ordered or on a voluntary basis.

Substance and Alcohol Abuse programs are not available to Maximum Classification Inmates.

Cognitive Restructuring Jail Group (STP) is a court-ordered program that is also provided at the Eaton County Jail.



The County maintains a small store from which inmates may purchase commissary items such as candy, communication, and health and hygiene products.  There is a $60.00 per week limit on stores.

Indigent store orders are for those inmates with insufficient funds for necessary communication, health & hygiene products, including each inmate whose account is depleted and become eligible for indigent stores.   Indigent stores are ONLY for the essential items necessary to maintain cleanliness, as well as basic health and communication materials.

Indigent items are restricted and are not free.  Anything received will be paid for while housed or the inmate will be billed for these items after release.



Are defined as not having any money or an insufficient amount of money to cover the cost of basic health, hygiene and communication products.  They are not denied medical treatment, dental treatment or necessary postage and writing materials to correspond with the courts and attorneys.  However, special postage processing is restricted to verified legal mail.  Inmates are permitted to receive two stamped envelopes weekly through the commissary to communicate with family and friends as part of an indigent store order. 

If money is placed in their accounts while housed, those funds will go toward paying for any services and/or items received while housed, as permitted by law. 

They are also advised that all indigent items and services are not free, and that they will be billed after release for these items.



The Work Release Program is set up, controlled and maintained by the courts.  Inmates on Work Release are required to provide a letter of employment on valid company letterhead, weekly/bi-weekly paycheck stub and must meet all requirements for GPS Tether monitoring.


The Jail cannot grant work release to inmates.  Only the Courts and Probation Officers have the authority to make any changes in the work schedules or hours worked through this program.  Money owed on the Work Release Program must be paid at the Jail on a weekly basis, and is collected on Sundays.  All payments for Work Release must be paid in  cash for the full amount owed or by a certified money order (made payable to the inmate for deposit in their Inmate Trust Account). After deposit of monies have been made, a withdrawal transaction for the work release payment will be deducted.  No personal or business checks will be accepted for this. 

Work Release payments must be paid in full prior to release from our facility.



In-house medical charges are as follows:

1.  Doctor or Dentist Visits are $25.00 each.

2.  Nurse Visits are $7.50 each.

3.  Prescription Handling Fees are $3.00 each.

4.  Over the counter medication fees are based on the type of medication received.

If an inmate is called down to the Jail Medical Clinic for a physical examination, tuberculosis screening or re-check there will be no charge.  However, if the inmate requests the visit, he/she will be charged.

These costs will be applied to the Inmate Trust Account for anyone receiving these goods or services.  Any money received or on account will go toward payment of these items (as well as stores and hygiene kits, and other miscellaneous charges).  Any unpaid balance will be billed after release.

Special medical charges will be billed to the inmate after release and not applied to their Inmate Trust Account.  These types of charges include outside doctor/dentist visits or referrals, x-rays, hospital visits, laboratory visits, special prescription medications, etc.  If the inmate has medical insurance, the inmate should supply a copy of the card to the Jail staff.



The Eaton County Jail will bill inmates $32.00 per day for housing charges.  All other unpaid expenses incurred while housed (such as medical, commissary items, hygiene kits, etc.) will be included in this bill.  The Financial Services Area will submit bills after release to each individual, where applicable.  Individuals will need to contact Financial Services to make arrangements for payment of this bill.  All necessary attempts will be made to collect this money for Eaton County.  Any unpaid balances will be forwarded to a credit agency for collection, if necessary.





Inmates may receive money orders made payable to the inmate, through the mail. NO personal or business checks, change or foreign money will be accepted for Inmate Trust Accounts.


In addition, there are THREE NEW WAYS TO ADD MONEY to the inmate account. 


Lobby Kiosks in Front Lobby 

available 24 hours for cash and credit card account loads.


 Online Money Load:



Call 866-422-6833




If money is needed for court purposes (e.g., bond, restitution, fines & costs, etc.) during regular County Business Hours, they should be paid at the Eaton County Courthouse.  The receipt should then be brought to the Jail Bond Lobby at the rear of the Sheriff's Office and given to the Corrections Staff for processing. 


The E.C.S.D. Receptionist cannot accept bond or court money.


If bond money or fines/costs money (or other court monies) are needed after regular business hours, it must be delivered to the Jail Bond Lobby at the rear of the Sheriff's Office.

In addition, there are three new ways to provide bail.


Online Bail:




Lobby Kiosks in Front Lobby or Bond Lobby 


available 24 hours for cash and credit card bail.




Call 888-497-2387





If any inmate in our facility has a question, complaint or concern, they are requested to direct that information to staff.  They are advised to write a “kite” (note) to staff in order to review their request or grievance.  These are given to an officer of the Jail and forwarded, if necessary, to the appropriate area(s). 

Inmates should not request that family and friends continuously contact staff regarding their personal grievances.



The Eaton County Jail has a barber on staff who is also a Corrections Deputy.  This individual provides barber services to inmates, via a written request for this service.  The charge for a haircut is $15.00. 

Inmates will not be permitted to accumulate a bill on their Inmate Trust Account, and request a haircut.  They cannot “reserve” money for a haircut. 

They will need to make sure that money is available for this service, should they need to request it.  Once the request is made for the haircut, they cannot change their mind later just because they decide they no longer want a haircut.



Each inmate who will be spending time at the Eaton County Jail (more than two days) will be issued a hygiene kit.  The cost for this item is $3.00 per kit.  Each hygiene kit includes a bar of soap, a comb, a small container of shampoo, deodorant, a toothbrush and toothpaste.

This charge will be applied to the Inmate’s Trust Account.  If the individual does not have money to pay for this item while housed, they will be billed after release.




PLEASE NOTE THAT PERSONAL MESSAGES AND PERSONAL ITEMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR INMATES AT OUR FACILITY.  Only verifiable emergencies will be the exception to this rule (for example, a death in the family, emergency hospitalization of an immediate relative, etc.).

This is a no-contact facility, and friends and family may not request such visits. 

Inmates are not allowed to get married while in the Eaton County Jail.

This is also a no-smoking facility, in accordance with the Public Health Code P.A. 198 or 1986.


For questions regarding Visitation and general Sheriff’s Dept. matters, please contact our Receptionist at (517) 543-3512 or 372-8217, Mon. - Fri., 8 A.M. - 5 P.M.

For questions regarding billing and housing charges, please contact the Financial Services Clerk at extension 5294.

For questions regarding Inmate Trust Accounts, please contact the Accounting/Corrections Clerk at extension 5041.

For Inmate medical questions, please contact our Jail Medical Clinic at extension 5104.

For questions regarding Inmate telephone problems, please contact Securus at 1-800-844-6591.

For questions regarding blocking your telephone from inmate phone calls or questions regarding mail sent to an inmate, which has been returned to you, please call Corrections Clerk at extension 5051.

For urgent questions regarding Jail Policies and Procedures, please contact our Jail Administrator at extension 5108.

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