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56th District Court Civil Infraction Information


Welcome to the 56th District Court Traffic Court website page. Navigation of this page will assist you with understanding the court procedure to follow regarding a civil infraction traffic ticket(s) you recently received. A list of FAQ’s frequently asked question may also be a benefit in helping you resolve your traffic citation.

You recently received a traffic citation from one of the area police agencies. You must first determine what type of violation this is. Most traffic related cases are CIVIL Infractions however some are Misdemeanor violations. Check your citation to see if the C/I box has a check. If it does you are on the correct page to make a disposition. You have three options to choose from regarding your civil infraction:

 If it is marked as a MISD you will need to go to the criminal page-Misdemeanor Traffic-(INSERT LINK)

1: Admit Responsibility-You need to contact the court in person, by mail or telephone and advise the clerk that you want to admit responsibility. The clerk will advise you of how much the fine is and advise you how to make payment to the court. There is detailed information on this website with regards to how to pay your fine and methods of payment the court will accept.

2: Deny Responsibility-You will need to contact the court either in person, by mail or by phone to advise the clerk that you are denying responsibility and want to have either a Formal or Informal hearing before the court.  After a hearing the court will determine if you are responsible or not for the violation.

Formal Hearing-Conducted before a Judge in the courtroom. You have the right to have an attorney represent you. The police officer will be represented by the prosecutor or city attorney.

Informal hearing-Conducted before the Magistrate. This hearing will involve you and any of your witnesses, the police officer and his witnesses and the magistrate. After the hearing the magistrate will make a determination of responsibility.

In both of the above listed hearings the court will determine if the case is concluded without fines or if you are responsible, fines are levied.

3: Admit Responsibility with an Explanation-This requires you to submit a written letter or Email to the court admitting you are responsible but submitting facts that the magistrate may consider in resolving the case. Admitting responsibility usually results in fines being determined or in some instances an informal hearing being set.

You must make a determination within 3-14 days after receiving the violation as to how you want to proceed. If you don’t contact the court during this time period a default judgment could be entered causing you to lose your right to a hearing as well as additional court costs being added.

If your citation has more than one C/I box checked, you must address the court for each violation.

Please click here for more information regarding entering your plea and contact details.

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