Traffic Dismissible or Waivable

Dismissible or Waiveable Traffic Tickets

Certain traffic violations are able to be dismissed at the 56th District Court. The following information is provided to assist you in following the correct procedure to enable the court to dismiss those violations.

 The District Court will waive or dismiss the following traffic violations written under these specific sections of the Motor Vehicle Code only.

1.  No proof of registration 257.223

2.  No proof of insurance 257.328

3.  No valid operator license on person 257.311

4.  Defective equipment violations written as 257.683 only. No other equipment violations will be dismissed.

Traffic violations written for No valid license in possession, Defective equipment, No Proof of Insurance, and No Proof of Registration will only be dismissed by the court if the violations are SIGNED OFF by a law enforcement officer. This requires an officer to physically examine the vehicle for repairs made or inspection of the driver license, Proof of Insurance and Registration certificates. The officer will then sign your copy of the violation. If an officer will not sign your violation it is suggested that you contact the police agency that issued the ticket for further clarification on how to dismiss the violation.  

You will need to then bring the signed ticket to the court for a court clerk to dismiss. You may also mail the signed ticket to the court. If you mail a No Proof of Insurance ticket to the court that has been signed, you will also need to include a check for $25.00 to cover the administration fee for dismissal. You will be given or mailed a Notice of Judgment indicating the case was dismissed. Tickets are not dismissed until this process has been completed.

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