Photo History

Deputy Cleo Platt-001  Deputy Dean Foster 2  Obit

Deputy Cleo Platt - killed on 12-17-1927

photo furnished by Charlotte Community Library

 Deputy Dean Foster - killed on 1-1-1967

 Deputy Don Rice obituary


1953 ECSD Group Photo BW edit         1964 Ford Cpl Arlo Eaton Sheriff Elwin Smith taking delivery of patrol cars                   Old Jail                     

         1964-CPL Arlo Eaton and Sheriff Elwin Smith taking

      delivery of new patrol cars behind 1961 Department/Jail

        1961 Sheriff Department/Jail/Dispatch

 Old Jail 10  Old Jail 9  Old Jail 7
 Front entrance of 1961 Department  Lobby of the 1961 Building

 Built in 1961 the building was demolished after the

department was moved to Independence Blvd in 1990

Sheriff Elwin Smith Gene Hoag John Jones Richard Dye Larry Hamilton  Lynn Wardell-Dean Foster-Ken Dedafoe-Larry Hamilton  Honor Guard 1978
Sheriff Elwin Smith, Undersheriff Gene Hoag, Sgt. John Jones, Sgt. Richard Dye, Sgt. Larry Hamilton  Lynn Wardell, Dean Foster, Ray Stiver, Larry Hamilton  Color Guard - 1979 Edington, Whitacre, Cooper, Hutting
 1976 03 ECSD Patrol Cars  Deputies w text  1976 03 Deputies w ECSD Patrol Cars  1976 03 ECSD Crop w Benden Eaton Fabiano
 1976-Eaton County Sheriff Department Deputies and fleet   1976 - (l to r) Deputy Benden, CPL Eaton, Deputy Fabiano
 Kelly-Anderson planting dynamite near River Road  c3 Records 1978

Deputy Bill Kelly & Deputy Merlin Anderson

 Fireman Hiscock, Fireman Mather, Deputy Kelly, Deputy Fabiano - Grand River search  Records Department - 1978
1971 Deputy Rich Deer w ECSD Patrol Car 1972 ECSD Patrol Car

1979 Lt Rich Deer w ECSD Patrol Car

 1971 - Deputy Rich Deer  1972 Patrol Car  1979 - Lt. Rich Deer
 1990 Chevy Caprice Patrol Car - Delta  1990  91 Chevy Caprice  1991 Chevy Caprice Patrol Car - Delta side view
 1990 Chevy Caprice Patrol Car  1990 & 1991 Chevy Caprice Patrol Cars   1991 Chevy Caprice Patrol Car
 1990 Lt Hutting Sheriff Kelsey  2012 01 13 Rod Sadler ECSD  Command Center 1980

1990 - Lt. Patrick Hutting and Sheriff Arthur Kelsey

 2012 - Sergeant Rod Sadler

 Command Center - 1980


Deputy Leonard Benden

Deputy Leonard Benden 2

Awards late 1970's

Welbes, Scribner, Jorgensen, Rockafellow

Baker, Martin

Deputy Leonard Benden


Deputy Leonard Benden


Sheriff Kelsey May 1977 

 Special Deputies Dick Schneckenber Karen Rodgers


Sheriff Art Kelsey

May 1977

Mounted Division

Special Deputies

Richard Schneckenberger and Karen Rodgers

August 1973
















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