Summer Adventure Program

Summer Adventure Program

Get ready for an Adventure! 

Whether it’s playing, creating, or exploring, we have fun every day at our Summer Adventure Programs! We offer programs for young outdoor enthusiasts that are 4-12 years old and for 13-14 years old we are offering our Leader in Training program. 

Programs are still in development phases - but here's a hint of what's to come!

(Camp dates are set - but the names for the weeks and descriptions may change as we finalize the programs)

Join us for a fun and memorable Summer!

  • Week 1:  Puttin' Down Roots (June 19-22) 
    • Campers will get down and dirty with our native plants and the animals that depend on them. They will explore several different habitats and learn how plant populations work together to create functioning ecosystems. Campers will learn basic identification skills, plant systems, flower structures, pollinators and pollination techniques, and the basics of plant propagation with our greenhouse staff.           
  • Week 2:   TBD (June 26-29)

  • Week 3:   Hide and Seek (July 10-13)
    • Campers morph into wild animals as they learn how creatures use physical and behavioral adaptations to survive and thrive in nature. They will investigate different habitats and discover critters who are able to hide in plain sight and others who are designed to hunt. Campers will become experts in how camouflage works and peer into the mind of our native predators and their prey.
  • Week 4:   Buzz and Flutter (July 17-20)
    • Unlike a caterpillar (who must liquify and digest itself before changing into a butterfly), YOU can transform painlessly into a pollinator during this week-long camp. From moths and butterflies to bees and wasps, join us to learn about the science— and the dancing— involved in pollinating.
  • Week 5:   Wonders of Water (July 24-27)
    • Water is the thread that connects us all! Investigate the ecology of the river, the woods, and the soggy wetlands that are home to many birds and animals. Come and experiment with sand and water and explore for predatory animals who depend on the water for food. (Water exploration is optional and takes place in shallow water.)
  • Week 6:   Tracks and Traces (July 31 - August 3)
    • Take a walk throughout the sanctuary and sharpen your wilderness skills by following tracks, searching for signs of wildlife, and looking out for different forms of animal communication. We will examine real animal artifacts and learn about the unique adaptations local wildlife has evolved to help them catch prey and escape predators.
  • Week 7:   Get Lost (August 7-10)
    • Campers are introduced to the natural world through nature play, animal games, and off-trail adventures into the forest. Along the way, they will build skills that allow them to become self-reliant in the woods. Campers will be introduced to wilderness survival techniques such as shelter-building, how to make fire, and compass-orienteering throughout the week.

  • Week 8:   TBD (August 14-17)


  • Eaton County Resident: $130/week
  • Non-County Resident: $150/week
  • Weeks with a field trip will have an additional $20 field trip fee.


Payment must be made at time of registration!

To register and for more information visit:


  • Cancellations on or prior to May 31st will result in a 50% refund. 
  • Any cancellations on or after June 1st will not receive a refund. 
  • If spaces are available, registration can be changed to a different week during the current summer camp season at no additional cost.
  • If camp sessions are canceled for health and safety reasons as directed by local, state, or national health officials, full refunds will be issued.
  • If camp sessions are cancelled by Eaton County Parks for any reason, full refunds will be issued.