Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do I need an appointment to utilize this program?

We require appointments for participation in this program to ensure we have adequate staffing to specifically assist with the required unloading/material weighing process, appropriately manage general site traffic, and that all participants have a basic understanding of the program and its requirements (accepted materials, material preparation requirements, billing process, etc). 

I am not an Eaton County resident, can I still utilize this program and the center in general?

Yes! Currently, this program, as well as the Sunfield Recycling Center in general, are open to Eaton County and non-Eaton County residents.  

How much does participation in this program cost?

Please refer to our program pricing page for more information on the cost of participation. You can find the "Program Pricing & Invoicing" page.  

Can I bring other recyclable materials that are currently accepted at the site for recycling during my appointment for agricultural film plastic recycling?

Yes! You are welcome to bring any of the center's other accepted materials to the center with you. You can find the full list of the center's accepted materials on the Sunfield Recycling Center website

Who can I contact if I have additional questions? 

You can contact Eaton County's Department of Resource Recovery.