Spill and Release Reporting

Chemical releases in Michigan are potential reportable under one or more of twenty-six different state and federal regulations. Determining which regulations apply to a specific release can be an overwhelming task. The "Release Reporting Requirements in Michigan" document was compiled to help owners and operators of facilities in Michigan, including vehicles and farms, determine their potential notification and reporting requirements in the event of a chemical release. Check your permits, licenses, registrations, pollution prevention plans, and local ordinances for additional release reporting requirements. 

Report environmental emergencies to the 24-hour Pollution Emergency Alert System (PEAS) Hotline at 800-292-4706. During daytime hours, you may also contact the appropriate district office directly. 

NOTE: Many incidents that are reportable to EGLE also warrant reporting to the federal National Response Center (NRC) which serves the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Coast Guard: Federal NRC Hotline: 800-424-8802

If your matter is not an emergency but you just have a question or you are seeking information about EGLE programs, regulations, reporting requirements, reportable quantities, etc. please call the EGLE Environmental Assistance Center: 800-662-9278.

Reporting Guidance

Release Reporting Forms

Release Notification Requirements in Michigan Table

Michigan Facilities' Guide to SARA Title III, Emergency Planning & Release Reporting

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO)

Continuous Release Reporting

Federally Permitted Release

Reporting Resources

40 CFR 302.4 - Designation of hazardous substances 

40 CFR 302.6 - Notification Requirements 

40 CFR 355 - Emergency Planning and Notification (SARA Title III)

49 CFR 172.101 - DOT Hazardous Materials Table for Transportation 

Lists of lists, Consolidated List of Chemicals Subject to EPCRA and Clean Air Act 112(r)

Part 5 Rules (Spillage of Oil and Polluting Materials)

Pollution Emergency Alerting System (PEAS) Information

Property Owner or Operator Obligations Under Section 20107a of the Act 

Radiological Protection Notices and Guidelines

Supervisor of Wells Instructions for Reporting Losses/Spills

Reporting Contacts

Pollution Emergency Alerting System (PEAS) Information

EGLE's Local Emergency Planning Committee Contact List

Michigan State Police Local Emergency Management Programs

National Response Center (NRC)

Michigan Citizen-Community Emergency Response Coordinating Council

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