Economic Development

Location & Transportation Options

Eaton County enjoys a rural small-town lifestyle in close proximity to local urban centers such as Lansing, Battle Creek, and Grand Rapids. Crossed by a major north-south route, I-69, it provides access to Lake Michigan ports and Canadian markets. Sandwiched between the major east-west traffic corridors of I-96 and I-94, it provides an excellent location in Mid-Michigan.

Just as the interstate highways connect Eaton County to the Midwest, the Capitol Area Airport in Lansing and the Battle Creek Airport to the south, connect Eaton County to the rest of the world. There are also active rail lines crossing the county to carry cargo and passengers to various destinations.

Quality of Life & Community Agencies

Eaton County's rolling landscape, picturesque small towns, high quality education institutions, and rural way of life make it a wonderful place to live and do business. The county enjoys competent and thoughtful leadership with excellent quality services available through such county agencies as Eaton County Road Commission, Barry-Eaton District Health Department, Eaton County Drain Commissioner and the Michigan State University Extension Office.

These agencies are committed to organizing growth, development and opportunity as well as protecting the lifestyle and environment that the county already enjoys.