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Parks Millage

The Eaton County Board of Commissioners is seeking financial support through a parks millage which that will be on the November 8, 2022 general election ballot.    The passage of the proposed millage would allow Eaton County to invest in and develop park properties throughout the County and significantly strengthen opportunities of securing additional state, federal and private grant funding. The current Parks Master Plan has identified needs to upgrade infrastructure and add amenities at all of the County’s current properties.  The Master Plan has also identified development opportunities at Crandell Park to address infrastructure needs such as roads, trails, and natural area preservation. The Board of Commissioners identified three primary priorities to be addressed with millage funds; operational funding, development and improvement funding and funding for local unit grant program.

Eaton County Parks Millage Objectives:


    Funding to comprehensively and strategically address operational needs without County General Fund appropriation

    Funding to address deferred maintenance and delayed repair projects within current parks

    Funding for improvements and amenities at current parks

    Increase access for all by providing funding to consider eliminating entry fees


    Funding to focus on the improvement priorities identified within the Parks Master Plan

    Funding to meet matching requirements for state and federal grant opportunities 

    Funding for major development projects within current park properties 


    Funding for cities, villages, and townships within Eaton County for park related improvements within locally owned and operated parks.

Millage Specifics

0.50 Mills

$30.50 Annually 

Based on average taxable household in Eaton County.  

Total Revenue 


Estimated annual revenue based Eaton County Taxable Valuations. 

Millage Duration 

10 years 

The Parks millage would be for a period of 10 Years. 

Ballot Language 


For the purpose of providing funding for operations, maintenance, acquisition, improvements and/or development of parks and open spaces within Eaton County, shall the real and tangible personal property tax limitation within the County of Eaton, Michigan, be increased in an amount not to exceed 0.50 mill ($0.50 on each $1,000 of taxable value) for a period of ten (10) years (December 2022- July 2032)?   If approved and levied in its entirety, this millage would raise an estimated $2,240,786 in the first calendar year after its approval.  

For a printable version click here.

Reservations for 2023 will begin on Tuesday, December 1, 2022.

Creating a Memorable Outdoor Experience

The Eaton County Parks and Recreation Department exists to provide quality outdoor recreational opportunities and facilities through protection of natural, cultural and historical resources, environmental education and interpretive programming, and preservation of green space.

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