Concealed Pistol License (CPL)

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Gatherings and Face Mask Order dated June 1, 2021

All persons entering the Courthouse are required to wear a face mask, with exemption for individuals who:

(a) Are fully vaccinated persons;

(b) Are younger than 2 years old;

(c) Cannot medically tolerate a face mask;

To print application: Michigan State Police Website


After submitting your new application (or expired for more than 1 year) you need to be fingerprinted specifically for this application, which then starts the background checks. Many MI Sheriff departments normally do fingerprinting or some private security firms do.  Please contact them directly regarding getting fingerprinted.
Fingerprinting is not currently done by the ECSO Delta Township branch or by the Michigan State Police for the purpose of a CPL.
You can get fingerprinted at any digital LIVE-Scan fingerprint location.

As of 02/16/2020 Eaton County Sheriff's Office is scheduling appointments for  fingerprinting. Here is the link to schedule your appointment.

Many locations are not fingerprinting because of COVID or are only fingerprinting by appointment, we strongly recommend you have confirmed a place that is available to fingerprint before submitting your application with us.

These are possible locations but please contact them to verify.
Barry County Sheriff fingerprinting (link) CLOSED
Calhoun County Sheriff fingerprinting (link)
Clinton County Sheriff fingerprinting (link) CLOSED
Ingham County Sheriff fingerprinting (link) CLOSED
Ionia County Sheriff fingerprinting (link)
Jackson County Sheriff fingerprinting (link)
Kent County Sheriff fingerprinting (link)
Lansing Police Department fingerprinting (link) CLOSED
Lansing Area fingerprint locations (link)
IdentoGO fingerprinting locations (link)

Apply for a New Concealed Pistol License

Learn about the application process for a new Concealed Pistol License

Re-Applying for a Concealed Pistol License

If your CPL is expired for more than one year prior to the date you are applying or you have been found to be not qualified for a license previously your application is considered a "re-application" - not a renewal or new application.

Renewal Process for a Concealed Pistol License

If your CPL is due to expire within the next 6 months or is expired for one year or less prior to the date of application, you are eligible to renew.

* *It is the applicant’s responsibility to understand the qualification requirements. To review your background report prior to applying you may purchase it at the State of Michigan’s website.**

Please make sure your course and completion certificate complies with Michigan Law.


For questions regarding Concealed Pistol License (CPL) permits, call our office at 517-543-2494. 

For more information visit the State of Michigan Police website.