Updating Your Information

It is strongly recommended to ensure your information is updated and accurate so that in the event that you are stopped by law enforcement your driver’s license or State identification and Conceal Permit License (CPL) match and that we have accurate information for contacting you or sending notices. Any changes have to be handled by the county (listed on the card) that issued your current CPL.

Mailing Address

You can provide or update a mailing address that is different than your registered address, all correspondence will be sent to that new mailing address.

Name Change

If you have married, divorced or otherwise legally changed your name you would need to bring proof of this to the Clerk’s office. (In the form of a legal document such as a certified marriage license, or court order.)

The card reprint fee is $10. Because your information has to be changed in the Michigan State Police system the updated card will not be available immediately.

Change to Registered Address

We are required to use the address listed on your driver's license or state identification as your registered address. If you have moved to an address within Eaton County you will first need to update your registered address with the Secretary of State on your driver’s license, State identification or voter registration. You will need to then provide proof of the address change to the Clerk’s office.

If you have moved to an address outside of Eaton County the Clerk’s office will take the information and enter it as your mailing address, but your CPL will continue to be handled by Eaton County. You would need to apply for renewal with the county of your current address (up to 6 months in advance of expiration) and at that point, the record would be transferred to the county of your current address.

Note: Michigan CPL holders must surrender their CPL card to the County Clerk that issued the CPL upon moving out of state.

Replacement Cards

The card reprint fee is $10. If Eaton County issued your CPL card and you need a replacement card you can come in person with photo identification to the Clerk's office we can print one for you, it should only take a few minutes.

If your card was stolen you may want to file a report of that with your local police or sheriff department.