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November 7, 2023 City General Election

Election Results

City General Election:

Candidate Listings - City General


ERESA Special Education Millage Proposal

Bellevue Community Schools Operating Renewal Millage
October 23, 2023
*October 24-November 7 register in-person with your local clerk*
August 8, 2023 Primary Election

Election Results


Lakewood Public Schools Bond Proposal

July 18, 2023
*July 19-August 2 register in-person with your local clerk*
May 2, 2023 Special Election

Election Results


Delta Charter Township Public Safety Facility Storage Building Bond Proposal

Vermontville Township Fire Department Millage Proposal

Vermontville Township Library Millage Proposal

Windsor Township Library Millage Proposal

Jackson Intermediate School District Special Education Millage

April 18, 2023
*April 19-May 2 register in person with your local clerk*

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2022 Filing Requirement Documents

The 2020 filing requirements documents have been posted on the Secretary of State’s website: Information for Candidates page