Genealogy Research

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The records vault is located in the Clerk’s Office. Research hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Appointments for genealogy researchers may be requested by email ( or by calling 517-543-2280. Access to in-person searching may be limited.
For your and our staff’s safety a mask or facial covering must be properly worn while in the enclosed public areas and social-distancing practiced.

Guidelines & Rules

We ask that you sign-in and follow our policies and be able to provide identification (government issued photo identification) Space allows for four genealogists at one time. We prefer children do not attend.

Our staff may be able to provide some assistance in researching or moving books (some are heavy) as their availability allows. You may also send us research requests ahead of time to shorten the time required in office.
View the general rules and policies (PDF) for more information.

Copy Fees

Certified copies of all records are $15 and $8 for each additional copy of the same record. Certified copies are the only type of copies we can provide.

A certified copy of a record on file is printed on special security paper and contains a raised, embossed seal. (Older copies that do not meet current standards may not be acceptable for legal purposes.)