Changing Child Support

If there is a child support order in effect, either parent (or a third party who has court-ordered custody of a child) may make a written request to the Eaton County Friend of the Court (FOC) for a support review. 

FOC Reviews & Recommendations

The FOC will only do a support review at the request of either parent once every 36 months unless there is a very unusual circumstance. 

A support review may take up to 60 days to complete, as the FOC requests financial and other information from both parents and their employers. In the event that an Objection is filed, the child support process may take longer to resolve.

After the review is complete, the FOC will send each parent a copy of the recommendation and proposed order.

Filing an Objection

If a parent objects to the recommendation, he or she must put the objection in writing to the Eaton County Circuit Clerk's Office within 21 days and also a copy should be sent to the Eaton County Friend of the Court and the other Party within 21 days. 

Referee Hearings

If the Clerk’s office notifies the FOC that an objection has been filed, the FOC will schedule a Referee Hearing before the Family Court Referee. Notice of the Referee Hearing date and time is sent to both parents and/or third-party custodian(s).

If the parties are unable to agree at the Referee Hearing to a support amount, an Objection must be filed to the Referee's Proposed Order within 21 days, in which case the matter shall be heard by the judge assigned to the case.

Court Ordered Amounts & the Michigan Child Support Formula

The court usually will not approve an order for child support that is markedly different from the amount recommended by the Michigan Child Support Formula, unless there are circumstances identified by statute that would make the formula amount unjust. 

Parties Ineligible for a Support Review

If the parties are ineligible for a support review but would still like to request a change in the court ordered child support amount, a motion to modify support may be filed with the court at any time. Parties, or their respective attorneys, may file a motion with the court. 

After filing the motion with the County Clerk, the same process will occur as outlined previously.

A support review is a review of the monthly child support and child care obligation that charges on our case, via application of the Michigan Child Support Formula.

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