Becoming a Notary

To apply to become a notary: 

It is encouraged to have all applicants use the online option when starting the process to become a notary public. 
       * Online option is 2 weeks or less
       * By mail 4-6 weeks

You must come in person to the Clerk’s Office and bring the following things:

  • Your Notary Application (must be typed and all fields filled in)
  • Notary Bond - Obtain from your employer. The bond paperwork should have an oath section and power of attorney section
  • Your Driver’s License or State Identification - Michigan residents apply in the county of the address on your                            driver’s license or identification
  • Payment - We accept payment by cash, check, or debit or credit card (with cards additional fees apply)

Application Procedure

  • Obtain a $10,000 notary bond from your employers bonding company or insurance agency with your name exactly as you wish to be commissioned.
              Licensed attorneys in Michigan are not required to file a surety bond, but must still bring in the application to the                 County Clerk’s Office.
  • Complete the application for Michigan Notary Public Appointment (online for faster turn around). At the bottom of the application in the designated spot print or type your name exactly the way you wish to be commissioned. 
  • Sign the application (matching the way you wish to be appointed.) An original signature is required.
  • File the application and bond in person at the County Clerk’s Office and pay the filing fee of $10, checks made                  payable to: Eaton County Clerk. Please bring your drivers license or State identification, to verify your identity and            address.

Submitting the Application

Submit the sealed application and payment online by signing into your account  

Or by mail to:
Michigan Department of State
Office of the Great Seal
7064 Crowner Drive
Lansing, MI 48918

An application fee of $10 paid as check or money order payable to the State of Michigan. The application fee and the filing fee are two distinct fees paid separately, one to Eaton County Clerk and one to State of Michigan

Notification of Appointment

After a commission is issued the State will send you a wallet-size certificate. At that time your commission will be valid and you can start notarizing. This takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks. You may not act as a notary public until you have received your commission date from the State (this will be on the mailed certificate.) Every citizen appointed as a notary has a duty to learn the notarial laws on their own initiative.

Review the qualifications for becoming a notary from the Michigan Secretary of State.

Notary Law

Notary Public Information & Procedures

If you have further questions you can call our office at 517-543-2426.

Changes to Your Name or Address

If you legally change your name, residence and/or business address after you have been commissioned as a notary public you must immediately notify the Office of the Great Seal. A change form is available at the Michigan Secretary of State website.