History & Features

The Fox Park Public Observatory was built entirely with donations and contributions from Lansing area businesses and opened its doors for public viewing the fall of 1999. The Observatory was run by a dedicated group of amateur astronomers in conjunction with the Capital Area Astronomy Association (CAAA) for many years. When the CAAA could no longer financially support the Observatory, ownership of the Observatory was turned over to the Eaton County Parks Department.

The Emphasis of the Observatory

  • Astrophotography
  • Charge-coupled Device (CCD) ImagingObservatory
  • Hands-on Observing
  • Hunting for:
    •  Asteroids
    • Globular Star Clusters
    • Comets
    • Galaxies
    • Nebulae
  • Studying the planets and moons in our solar system.

Public viewing nights are lead by amateur astronomers who donate their time to make the beauty of the night sky accessible to everyone.


  • 30 Foot by 30 Foot Open Air Observatory
  • 10 Foot by 30 Foot Control RoomObservatory Side View
  • Meade 16 Inch Lx200 "Classic" Computer Controlled Telescope
  • Two 10 by 50 Millimeter Orion Scenix Binoculars
  • Two Meade 12 Inch Lx200 "Classic" Computer Controlled Telescopes
  • Two Portable 10 Inch Dobsonian Telescopes