Juvenile Delinquency Cases

The Juvenile Court handles cases against youth under 17 filed by the Eaton County Prosecutor and local city attorneys. The Juvenile Court's goal is rehabilitation of youth through development of individualized case service plans and probation monitoring

Court Process

Juvenile delinquency cases begin with an Inquiry Hearing where juveniles are advised of the charges filed against them and their legal rights throughout the process. 

In some cases, these matters are handled through court or county diversion programs. In other cases, juveniles will have the opportunity to plead or request a trial on the allegations. 

If a juvenile pleads or is found guilty of an offense, there are a number of dispositions available including: 

Representation for Juveniles

At every hearing, juveniles may request court appointed counsel.  Parents and juveniles are jointly and severally responsible for paying back all attorney fees, probation fees, and other such fees associated with these proceedings.  Payment of such fees is subject to findings of indigence.  Payment plans and accommodations are available.