District Court (56A)

Court Closure effective March 17, 2020

The business offices of the Eaton County Trial Courts, including: the 56th Circuit, 56A District, Probate, Juvenile and Friend of the Court; will be closed to the public from March 23, 2020 until April 13, 2020. The court offices will be open for essential services by appointment only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:00am until 2:00pm. Essential services will be handled as outlined by the Supreme Court Order 2020-2.

Entrance into the courthouse will be by appointment only.
Please reference the attached order for more information on procedure changes.

Michigan Supreme Court: Administrative Order No. 2020-2: Order Limiting Activities/Assemblages in Court Facilities

Reduced Courthouse Hours

56A District Court
Criminal Division: 517-543-3359 districtcourt@eatoncounty.org

Civil Division: 517-543-4064 districtcourtcivil@eatoncounty.org

Traffic Division: 517-543-3359 traffic@eatoncounty.org

District Court Civil Filings By Mail

If you wish to file a case with the 56-A District Court Civil Division on-line, you may email the completed forms to: Districtcourtcivil@eatoncounty.org

Payments for Civil filings can be made at: www.govpaynow.com
Please enter PLC # 8882 when prompted to ensure your payment will reach the correct office. 

If you are unsure of what the filing fee will be, please see filing fees on the Eaton County website at http://eatoncounty.org/397/Filing-Fees or contact the District Court Civil Divisions at 517-543-4064

District Court Traffic / Criminal Filings and Payments

Traffic/Criminal Filings and Payments

Traffic/Criminal flings will accepted by mail or fax only during this time.

Traffic/Criminal Mail: 56A District Court, 1045 Independence Blvd, Charlotte, MI 48813
Traffic/Criminal Fax: 517-543-1469 


Traffic/Criminal payments can be made by mail, phone or online. You will need to provide your name,and the ticket/ case number on the payment. The court cannot take a personal check on clearance fees, bonds or restitution.

Traffic/Criminal Mail: 56A District Court, 1045 Independence Blvd, Charlotte, MI 48813
Traffic/Criminal Phone Payment:  1-888-604-7888 (GovPayNow)
Traffic/Criminal Online Payments:  www.govpaynow.com
Please enter PLC # 6701 when prompted ensuring your payment will reach the correct office.

For Traffic/Criminal case number inquiries or if you normally make cash payments please call the 56A District Court at 517-543-3359. 

Traffic/Criminal 56A District Court Hearing Dates

Hearing dates on interim bonds posted at the jail or on notices issued by the court may be reset if the hearing date is prior to 4/6/20.  Please contact the court at 517-543-4029 to verify your address and to confirm if the court date has been adjourned.

Exterior of the 56A District Court

The District Court was established by the Michigan Legislature in 1968 and is constitutionally and statutorily mandated. The 56A District Court includes two District Judges who are elected on nonpartisan ballots for a term of six years.

Cases Handled

The District Court handles cases filed within Eaton County, including:

  • All adult misdemeanors where punishment does not exceed one year
  • Civil cases up to $25,000 including small claims disputes up to $6,000 and landlord/tenant disputes
  • Civil infractions, including traffic and parking violations
  • Preliminary examinations in felony cases
  • Traffic cases

Financial Obligations

All financial obligations (fines, costs, restitution) are due in full on the date of sentencing. Pursuant to Michigan Court Rules (MCR) 1.110.