Pets in Our Shelter

This album contains pictures of pets currently in our shelter with unknown owners or owners we have been unable to make contact with. If you see your pet on this web page, please contact the shelter at 517-543-5755. If you are calling after hours, leave a voicemail and someone will call you back at the earliest availability. While we make every effort to post pictures as soon as possible, there may be animals in the shelter that are not yet posted. If you are missing a pet that is not shown please call or stop into the shelter, if your pet is not at our shelter, we will take a lost report for our records. Any domesticated animal may be reported as lost or found.

Eaton County Animal Control does not pick up or take in stray cats. If you have lost or found a cat, please call our shelter to file a report in order to help reunite lost cats with their owners.

**If you are looking for adoptable pets, please know that since our shelter is small and only meant for short-term housing, almost all of our unclaimed pets are transferred to local humane societies and rescues for re-homing once their stray hold is complete. We recommend reaching out to an adoption organization if you are looking for a new furry family member.**

Our small shelter size also means we cannot accommodate owner surrenders. If you are looking to re-home your pet, please reach out to local rescues and humane societies.

UPDATED: 2/23/2024