Obtaining Proper Service

After you file your claim, you will need to have the defendant served. There are three ways to obtain proper service of the claim and affidavit.

By a Competent Adult

Any competent adult (except the plaintiff) can personally deliver the affidavit and claim to the defendant.

  • This person must complete a Proof of Service and return it to the court. It is helpful to know the Michigan Court Rules regarding service of process.
  • The proof of service must be notarized or signed in front of a clerk at the court.

By the Court Via Mail

The court will send the affidavit and claim by restricted certified mail from the Postal Service.

  • The plaintiff can bring an affidavit and claim to the Postal Service and pay the fees necessary for Restricted Certified Mail.
  • The defendant is the only person who can sign for the papers. The Postal Service will return the green signature card to the plaintiff.
  • The plaintiff is responsible for returning the green signature card along with the proof of service directly to the court to show that the service was completed.
  • Please keep in mind, that if the Postal Service allows anyone else to sign for the papers, the service has not been made.
  • The court can process and send the affidavit and claim for the plaintiff at the cost of $13.33 per defendant.

Professional Court Officer/Process Server

A professional Court Officer/ Process Server can deliver the affidavit and claim to the defendant.

  • For fee information please contact Court Officers at the Eaton County Sheriff Department Civil Division: 517-543-5301. 
  • The Court Clerk can give you the name of the approved court officer or you can seek out your own process server.