Traffic Civil Infraction Information

Navigation of this page will assist you with understanding the court procedure to follow regarding a civil infraction traffic ticket(s) you recently received. Our list of frequently asked questions may also be a benefit in helping you resolve your traffic citation.

Examining Your Citation

Most traffic-related cases are Civil Infractions however some are Misdemeanor violations. If the C/I box on your citation has been checked, you are on the correct page to make a disposition. 

If your citation has more than one C/I box checked, you must address the court for each violation.

Making a Decision

Within 3 to 14 days after receiving the violation you must decide how to proceed.  If you do not communicate your decision with the court a default judgment could be entered causing you to lose your right to a hearing and additional court costs being added.

You have three options to choose from regarding your civil infraction.

  1. Admit Responsibility
  2. Deny Responsibility
  3. Admit with Explanation

You must contact the court either by mail, email, in person, or by telephone and advise the court you want to admit responsibility.  A list of fines/points can be provided.  Admitting responsibility will generate a civil infraction judgement due within 30 days.

By Mail:  send in your citation with the back of the violation signed indicating you desire to admit responsibility.  Mail payment and citation to: 

56A District Court Traffic Division

1045 Independence Blvd.

Charlotte, MI  48813

By Email: submit to  Include your citation number, full name, DOB and indication you are entering a plea of admit responsibility.

In Person: at the district court traffic window at the address above. 

By Telephone: contact the traffic division at 517-543-3359.

Read about how to pay your fine and methods of payment the court will accept.