Community Corrections


                        Effective: Friday, August, 13, 2021

All individuals are required to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status, when in any courtroom, in-person meeting and jury assembly rooms.  

Members of the public are recommended to wear masks when entering any court building. 

  1. Advisory Board
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Advisory Board

The Eaton County Community Corrections Advisory Board (ECCCAB) has been successful at securing funding from the State, for its Comprehensive Plan. The ECCCAB has developed a strong collaboration and cooperation from all components of the criminal justice system in Eaton County. The plan is updated each year in order to review the effectiveness of existing programs, as well as to create new programs as needed that are evidence based.

The Eaton County Community Corrections Division provides a wide array of sentencing alternatives for all types of non-violent offenders.

Board Members

Eaton County Circuit Court Chief Judge
 Board Chair: Honorable Janice Cunningham

Eaton County District Court Judge

 Vice-Chair: Honorable Julie O'Neill


Eaton County Probate Court
 Judge Thomas Byerly

County Sheriff
 Eaton County Sheriff Office: Sheriff Tom Reich

Eaton County Prosecutor
 Prosecutor Doug Lloyd

Chief of City Police Department
 Charlotte Police Department: Chief Paul Brentar

Eaton County Circuit Probation/Parole
 Corey Bahm, Supervisor

County Commissioner
 Jeremy Whittum

Criminal Defense Attorney
 Matthew Newburg

General Public
 Steve Siegrist

Substance Abuse
 Sean Corbin: Cognitive Consultants

Business Community
 John Boles

Open Spots
 Communications Media