Juvenile Court Financial Department

Petitioner, respondents, and juveniles are responsible for paying all costs associated with their cases by the time of case closure. 

Payment Options

The Juvenile Court accepts the following payment methods:

  • By mail:    Eaton County Youth Services
                      Attn: Juvenile Court Office
                      822 Courthouse Dr.
                      Charlotte, MI 48813
  • By telephone:  GovPayNow at 1-888-604-7888. Use Paycode: 6358. Fees are added by the service provider.
  • In person: with check, cash, or money order Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Eaton County Youth Services Building.
  • Online: at GovPayNow. Fees are added by the service provider. 

Payment plans are available after filing financial documents with the Court. These plans may include reduction, waiver, or suspension of fees and costs; wage assignments; and/or monthly payment plans. 

Failure to pay may result in:

  • Cases remaining open
  • Additional court costs and fees
  • A reimbursement hearing set with the referee
  • A show cause scheduled with the presiding judge
  • A bench warrant for failure to pay

If alternate arrangements are made before the time of the hearing, scheduled hearings may be canceled at the discretion of the Court.

Types of Fees


In delinquency cases, parents and juveniles may be found jointly and severally responsible for the fees, costs, and restitution. These costs may be ordered jointly and severally with any co-defendants as well. Parents and juveniles should anticipate the following fees and costs associated with cases (as applicable in each case): attorney fees, state minimum fees, Crime Victims Rights Fees, restitution, placement costs, drug screen, tether costs, and other fees related to direct services each juvenile may receive. 

Child Protective Proceedings

In child protective proceedings, parents and legal guardians may be responsible for their own attorney fees and costs as well as the costs associated with guardian ad litem representation. The State of Michigan may redirect child support and other benefits to pay for the cost of care while children are in placement. 


In adoption cases, petitioners are responsible for the following fees, as applicable. Petitioners and respondents in adoption cases are not appointed attorneys. Cost of representation is up to the represented party to pay.

  • Petition: $175
  • New Birth Certificate fee for Michigan: $50
  • New Birth Certificate out-of-state: May be subject to that state's filing fees
  • Order of Adoption Fee: $10
  • Motions and Petitions: $20
  • Service and publication fees are responsibility of Petitioner