Continuum of Care (CoC)

The Eaton County Continuum of Care (CoC) is a workgroup of the Health and Human Services Collaborative.  The purpose of the CoC is to assist, identify, and provide for the creation of a continuum of the care and assistance provided for short and long-term housing and shelter needs for the household of limited resources in Eaton County.  The CoC is a community based association of organizations, agencies, and individuals concerned with housing and shelter needs and concerns in Eaton County, Michigan.

The CoC is the applicant for the Emergency Solutions Grant from MSHDA and a HUD grant from the federal government.  As the applicant, it is also the CoC's responsibility to oversee the agencies administration of these funds.

FY 2019 HUD Continuum of Care Funding Announcements

9/27/19 Attention HUD Application and Final Priority Listing Available for review

Completed HUD Application

Final Priority Listing

9/13/2019 Attention Grant Applicants - Accepted Rank Order and Rejection Announcement

Accepted Rank Order and Rejection Announcement

CoC Final Ranking Decision Letter

Appeals Process for Ranking

8/14/2019 Scoring/Ranking Team to meet August 26, @ 9:00 am

See Full Meeting Announcement

8/12/2019 Adopted Prioritization and Ranking Policy 2019

See Prioritization Scoring and Ranking Policy

8/12/2019 Adopted Project Scoring Tool for RENEWAL Projects

See Project Scoring Tool

8/9/19  Request for Proposals (RFP) New Projects

RFP Posting New Project Applications      New Project Application

8/9/19  Project Submission to Collaborative Applicant by 8/29/19

See Announcement

7/18/19  HUD NOFA for the Program Competition published - 

See full HUD Announcement

CoC Meeting Information

The CoC meets the second Monday of every month at 9:00 am in the lower level conference room of the Barry-Eaton District Health Department (1033 Health Care Drive, Charlotte MI) unless noted otherwise on their meeting schedule below.

The Eaton CoC sub-committee, the Strategies and Grants Work Group, develops processes and procedures for receiving and designating grants funds and the long and short term range strategies to assist households of limited resources in Eaton County. Meetings are as needed, see current schedule below.  Strategies and Grants Work Group meetings are held at 9:00 am at Peckham Inc. in Charlotte (945 Reynolds Road, Charlotte MI). 

Eaton CoC 2019 Meeting Schedule

January 14 May 13 September 9
February 11 June 10 October 14
March 11 July 8 Nov 12, Tuesday
April 8 August 12 December 9

Eaton CoC 2019 Strategies & Grants Work Group meetings

July 24, Wednesday August 20, Tuesday September 17, Tuesday
July 30, Tuesday August 27, Tuesday September 18, Wednesday
August 6, Tuesday September 4, Wednesday September 24, Tuesday
August 14, Wednesday September 10, Tuesday September 25, Wednesday