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An Eaton County dog license is required for all dogs four months or older.  Licensing provides good pet identification, ensures dogs are vaccinated for rabies, and proves you are its owner.

1 and 3-year Licensing

The three-year license is part of an overall effort in the county treasurer’s office to simplify dog licensing and alleviate waiting lines. One-year licenses will still be available at the option of the pet owner.

Dog licensing is based on the pet’s rabies vaccination date.    A license will become delinquent after the last day in the month in which the rabies vaccination anniversary expires.  Delinquent licenses will carry a $20 late fee in addition to the base fee. 

​​ ​​A renewal notice will be mailed to licensed pet owners thirty days prior to the 2020 renewal date.

​One-year License                  Three-Year License ​                         
 $20                                         $55 (​Non Spayed/Neutered)                  
 $15                                         $40 ​​ (Spayed/Neutered)

The penalty for a delinquent license will be $20 in addition to the base license fee.

License Locations

•The Eaton County Treasurer’s dog license website listed below, 24 hours daily.

• The Eaton county Treasurer’s office at 1045 Independence Blvd. in Charlotte from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
​   Monday through Friday

• Eaton County Humane Society at 129 N. Main in Olivet.

• By mail (download the mail-in license form (PDF) )

•Town and Country Animal Hospital at 3110 S. Cochran in Charlotte.

•Charlotte Veterinary Hospital at 122 Lansing St. in Charlotte.

•Snow Animal Clinic at 617 Michigan St. in Eaton Rapids.