Eaton County Land Bank Authority

Land-Bank-Logo-WebBrochure on Eaton County Land Bank (PDF)

On July 17, the Eaton County Treasurer, working in cooperation with the Eaton County Board of Commissioners, created a new Land Bank for Eaton County!  The Land Bank will be an important new economic development tool for returning tax foreclosed and blighted properties to productive, tax-paying status.

A Land bank is a public authority created to efficiently deal with vacant, abandoned, and tax foreclosed property.  Land banks are funded through the management and disposition of tax-foreclosed property.  Most importantly, a Land Bank can work on long term planning that fits within the plans of local community development. 

Beyond people, real property is the most valuable resource we have in our local economy.  Revitalizing blighted, contaminated, or challenged properties benefits local schools, business districts, and local units of government. It promotes sound economic development and increases property values for us all.

For more information, contact Land Bank Chairperson Bob Robinson at, or call (517) 281-8399

Land Bank Leadership

bryan myrkle board photoBryan Merkle
Charlotte Community Development Director
Land Bank Vice Chairperson

Becky Dolman Board PhotoBecky Dolman
Eaton Township Treasurer
Land Bank Treasurer / Secretary

ANDREA CASCARILLA PhotoAndrea Cascarilla
Trustee and Planning Commissioner for Delta Township
Board Member

jim mottJim Mott,
Eaton County Commissioner, District 13 and Land Bank Board Member at Large

Bob RobinsonBob Robinson
Eaton County Treasurer
Land Bank Chairperson

The Eaton County Land Bank operates in accordance with the Open Meetings Act. Board meetings are scheduled for the 4th Wednesday each month.  For further information, or to attend, please call 517-543-4250.