Eaton County Battery Recycling

Eaton County offers several different household battery recycling drop off locations. There are several instructions that need to be followed before dropping off batteries at any of these locations, you can find them below. 


  1. Know what types of batteries are accepted at our locations:
    AcceptedNot Accepted
    • Household Batteries
      • Smoke Alarm Batteries (9 Volt Batteries)
      • Watch and Hearing Aid Batteries (Button Batteries)
      • Cell Phone and Laptop Batteries
      • Alkaline Batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, and etc) 
      • Lithium Batteries
      • Drill Batteries
      • Rechargeable Batteries
    • Auto Batteries*
    • Marine Batteries*
    • Industrial Batteries

    *Check with your local auto parts store about disposing of these types of batteries.

  2. Make sure to tape the necessary batteries. Some batteries require clear tape on the ends (terminals and/or exposed wires) for shipping safety and regulation compliance reasons. **The terminals, or exposed metal parts, of certain batteries can rub together and create a spark which can cause a fire.** These batteries are specifically listed below, but if in doubt, use clear tape!  
    Clear Tape REQUIRED

    Clear Tape NOT Required

    • Lithium/Lithium Ion BatteriesExamples of several differed brands of lithium batteries
    • Lead Acid BatteriesTwo different examples of lead acid batteries
    • Cell Phone Batteries
    • Batteries that are over 9 volts, including drill batteries
    • Any batteries with exposed wires or cracked casings 
    • Alkaline batteries that are 9 volts or under
    • "Heavy duty" Zinc Carbon
    • Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) or Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) that are less than 9 volts
    • Button batteries that do NOT contain lithium
    • Electronic batteries (plastic casing intact, with recessed terminals) ~ laptop batteries
  3. Remove all batteries from ALL types of packaging (plastic baggies, paper baggies, boxes, and etc).A comparison example of battery collection buckets should and should not look

Battery Recycling Drop-Off Locations

City of Charlotte 

Charlotte Area Recycling Authority: 201 Hall St, Charlotte

Delta Charter Township 

Delta Township Recycling Center: 5717 Millet Hwy, Lansing

City of Grand Ledge

Grand Ledge Recycling Center: 414 Whitney St, Grand Ledge

Village of Sunfield 

Sunfield Recycling Center: 126 1st St, Sunfield