DCA-3-20-2 Adopted April 5, 2020

DCA-3-20-2Comprehensive Amendment to the Eaton County Land Development Code (Zoning Ordinance) to clarify the intent, update language and improve comprehension.  A summary of aamendments are as follows: Article 7, Land Development Districts (amend Section 7.7 Site Development Standards for Principle Buildings and Structures, Table A), Article 8, Zoning Referral and Site Plan Review (amend Section 8.6.9 C. General Approval Standards), Article 9 Conditional Use Permits (amend Section 9.6 Appeal of Decisions), Article 14 Specific Provisions and Requirements (amend Section 14.36 Agricultural Migrant Labor Housing) and Article 16 Mobile Homes (amendments to entire section).

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DCA-3-20-2 Text Amendment