How do I get an order for parenting time ("visitation")?

File a petition requesting that the court grant you visitation time with your child(ren). If both parties (and the Judge) agree and sign an agreement, that will be entered as a visitation order. A visitation order can be changed by filing a petition to modify the order, or the parents can sign a written agreement, which the Judge can approve and enter. The Friend of the Court will provide domestic relations "mediation" to help resolve disagreements over the terms of parenting time.

If the parties cannot agree on the terms of parenting time, or if mediation does not resolve disputes, the Friend of the Court will conduct an investigation and file a written report and recommendation with the Circuit Court, based on factors listed in the Michigan Child Custody Act. The parents will get copies of the report and recommendation. A court hearing will follow before the Judge decides what to do about custody. The Child Custody Act states that visitation shall be granted in accordance with the "best interests of the children." A child has a right to parenting time with the non-custodial parent unless the Judge rules by clear and convincing evidence that the visitation would endanger the child's physical, mental or emotional health.

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