How do I get a copy of a person's criminal record? Is it free?

Criminal History Access

The Michigan State Police operates the Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT) where anyone can search the official MSP criminal history record database for $10 per search, using MasterCard or Visa. Non-profit, charitable organizations may qualify for free ICHAT searches (PDF) if criminal history checks are needed on people who work with children or the frail elderly. For each search, you need the person's full name, sex, race and date of birth.

ICHAT's criminal history database covers only Michigan convictions, and is updated daily with felony and misdemeanor conviction information provided by law enforcement, prosecuting attorneys and courts throughout the State. Your search includes only Michigan felony or misdemeanor arrests where a person has been convicted in a court, and where the conviction has been added to that person's criminal history record. It does not include arrests without a conviction, outstanding warrants, federal arrests or arrests from other states.

A search for a criminal record from another state requires you to correspond directly with the criminal record repository of that state.

Criminal history documents in prosecutor files are confidential and will not be released to the public. Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) access rules prohibit prosecutors from releasing their reports to the public. Prosecutors may see broader information than the public's MSP iCHAT report about convictions. Prosecutors might see information on pending, dismissed or non-public outcome cases.

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