What happens at the Courthouse when I file for the PPO?

The following steps occur:

  1. Pick up a copy of the personal protection order (PPO) packet and all other forms from the Eaton County Circuit Court Clerk's office:
    Eaton County Courthouse
    1045 Independence Boulevard
    2nd Floor
    Charlotte, MI 48813
    Phone: 517-543-7500, ext. 255
  2. Fill out the appropriate PPO Petition (either Form CC 375 (PDF), CC 375M (PDF), CC 377 (PDF), or CC 377M (PDF)). If you are alleging that the respondent is stalking you, don't forget to check the appropriate box(es). Re-read your forms and attachments. Are they complete? Do they fully and accurately tell the Judge what the respondent has done and why you need a PPO? If you are alleging that he is stalking you, do your facts prove the legal definition? Do the forms list all affected people who should be protected by the PPO (you, your children, your work location, etc.)? 
  3. Bring these completed documents to the Eaton County Circuit Court Clerk's office. A deputy clerk will look the papers over and assign a Judge and a case number. 
  4. If you are asking for an ex-parte (emergency) order, the clerk will bring the papers to the Judge's office. The Judge must personally review the papers. You may have to wait a while, depending on the Judge's court schedule that day. 
  5. If the Judge signs your ex-parte order, his staff will bring the paperwork back to the Clerk's office for filing. The Clerk will give you certified copies and will send one to the police department where you live. (If the Judge refuses to sign the Order, he will state his reasons in a memo in your file.) It is now your responsibility to serve the respondent with a copy of your Complaint and Motion for a PPO, all documents supporting your request, and the Court's PPO order.

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