I've moved, do I have to update my CPL?

Yes, it's recommended to keep your address updated since the main way to contact you about your CPL would be by mail.  Please contact us if your address has changed.

If you have moved to an address within Eaton County you should update your registered address with the Secretary of State on your driver's license, or State ID.  If you have moved into Eaton County and your CPL was issued by another county you should update that county.

If you have moved to an address outside of Eaton County, the Clerk's office will take the information and enter it as your mailing address, but your CPL will continue to be handled by Eaton County until you expire.  You would need to apply for renewal with the county of your current address (up to 6 months in advance of expiration) and at that point the record would be transferred. 

Note: Michigan CPL holders must surrender their CPL card to the County Clerk that issued the CPL upon moving out of state.

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