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Sunfield Agricultural Film Plastic Collection Initial Registration Form

  1. Preferred Contact Method*
    Please indicate your perfected method of communication by selecting one of the two available options. If you select "email", please make sure you provided your email address above.
  2. Please describe your method of transportation for dropping off your materials and the estimated volume of materials you would like to bring. FOR EXAMPLE: "Pickup truck & trailer - trailer approximately 8 ft in length. Both the trailer and the truck bed will be packed full of material" , "Pickup truck - bed full of material" , etc.
  3. Terms and Conditions Agreement*

    By selecting "I agree" (AGREEMENT IS REQUIRED FOR PARTICIPATION in the Sunfield Agricultural Plastic Film Collection Pilot Program) you agree to all of the following statements: I have read and understand the expectations of this program. Specifically: 1) I understand that in order to support this program there is a fee for recycling of agricultural film plastic material that I bring to the collection and that this fee is subject to change for future scheduled appointments. 2) I understand that I will be invoiced for the material that I bring to the collection based on the weight of the material that is determined by center staff. 3) I understand that the center staff or any department employee reserves the right to refuse any or all material that I bring to the collection for any of the following reasons: levels of contamination/quality of the material(s), improperly prepared material(s), and non-accepted material type(s). I also understand that these materials and materials standards may change over time. 4) I understand that if I do not pay my invoice for participating in this program AND/OR pay my invoice(s) late, I may be subject to collections and I may be prohibited from participating in any Eaton County Department of Resource Recovery programs in the future, including this program.

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