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1. Where is District Court Traffic located?
2. How much is my traffic ticket?
3. How can I pay my traffic ticket?
4. How can I make payments on my traffic violation fine?
5. When does the court close for payments?
6. Can I write a check for my traffic violation?
7. What is the mailing address for District Court Traffic?
8. Can I pay the court online?
9. Can I pay the court by phone?
10. Can I make partial payments to the court?
11. How many points are on this violation?
12. How many days do I have to contact the court about my ticket?
13. The court tells me they don't have the ticket yet. What do I do?
14. When can I see the Judge or Magistrate?
15. What time are walk-in arraignments?
16. How do I get a court-appointed attorney?
17. Why do I have a warrant, and how do I take care of the warrant?
18. Why did the officer tell me the ticket was waivable?
19. I got a default notice from the court. What does that mean?
20. I received a show cause notice from the court. What do I do?
21. Why do I need to appear at the court?
22. When are jail arraignments?
23. How long does it take for a credit card transaction to post?
24. How can I find information regarding my case?
25. Can I get something removed from my criminal record?